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ULI Nashville is a trusted convener, collaborator and communicator/educator of best practices on all aspects of city building.

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Copenhagen’s investment in its revitalized waterfront area is paying off, while the affordability of #Housing is still an ongoing concern. The people-centric city aspires to become the first carbon-neutral world capital by 2025.

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ULI believes that housing is a fundamental underpinning of healthy and thriving communities. References to housing products and policy, and specifically to the provision of #AffordableHousing, are included in ULI’s Articles of Incorporation.

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"Policies—such as changes in restrictive zoning or building lots of new multifamily units—that could lower home prices are promoted heavily by younger people, who would like to participate in a less insane real-estate market."

Charlotte's new transit-oriented development zoning creates a menu of “economic mobility” items—like affordable housing, transportation improvements, and additional open space—that earn developers points they can translate into taller building: https://t.co/bN28Gg4pP9