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Metro Nashville is hosting a virtual “#Imagineeastbank Public Kick-Off tonight 6pm #participate Go to to attend!

Together with our partners, we will close the #racialdisparities in the housing industry that perpetuate the racial disparities in our communities. To do so, we need to rebalance power and profit in our industry. #EquitablePathForward #equity

HST Pathways has decided to move its headquarters from California to Music City, joining a long list of West Coast transplants in Nashville.​

In support of our valued partners at @TheGNRC and @civicdesignctr, @ULI_Nashville would like you to consider attending, "The Intersection of Transportation Policy, Technology, and Public-Private Partnerships" on May 6th at 9:15 am. REG HERE!

Retail Forum Highlights: Janet Miller -- The market it maturing. We are seeing that the increase in rooftops means that retail in downtown can move beyond tourism and have more amenities for residents and workers.