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What’s “new” is that the very high profile & action-oriented mayor of Paris @Anne_Hidalgo made The 15-Minute City a well packaged bedrock of her successful re-election platform, & inspired mayors EVERYWHERE to seriously look at the concept for THEIR city.

Altho details vary, this idea of communities where “everything we need is close by” is far from a new concept. Just look up...

- complete communities
- city of short distances
- “the power of nearness” (I used this one while at Vancouver City Hall)
- MANY more

So what IS “new?”

If you’re still wondering what a “15-Minute City” really means, at least as proposed by Paris Mayor @Anne_Hidalgo, it’s really simple.

Everything you need is available within a 15 minute walk, wheel chair or bike-ride from home.


NOT by car trip.

Not even transit.


It’s back! If you have not seen this Nashville treasure in a while, check it out at the Nashville Warehouse site. AJ Capital Partners has preserved the Nashville Sounds scoreboard and it’s going to be a great addition. @DPRConstruction #Masstimber

We are honored to have @AshleyStudio208 as an integral part of Fifth + Broadway. Her story emphasizes our commitment to the local artists, creatives and community of Nashville. Read her full story by @MelanieLaydenTV on @WSMV. 👇