2016 ULI Nashville Awards
2016 ULI Nashville Awards
2012 Urban Land Institute Awards


The ULI Nashville Excellence in Development Awards reflects the mission and values of the Urban Land Institute.


Project Awards announced at the ULI Nashville Excellence in Development Awards Gala.

ULI Nashville Excellence in Development Awards
May 8, 2017
Omni Nashville Hotel, Broadway Ballrooms
5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

The mission of the ULI Nashville Excellence in Development Awards is to celebrate, educate, and reinforce examples of excellence in land use, development, and design, as well as the multi-disciplinary Development Team who created them.

Award entries are judged by an out-of-town jury using criteria that support ULI’s commitment and leadership in best practices in the use of land/real estate; demonstrating exemplary examples of design and development, sustainability, financial viability and commitment to community.


All types of development projects that meet eligibility requirements may be considered for the ULI Nashville Excellence in Development Awards 2017. General judging criteria include:

1. The project must be financially stable and operating; must demonstrate to be a sound financial investment.

In the case of public/non-profit and institutional developments, project must demonstrate a sound investment of public funds and success in impacting a community or neighborhood.

2. The project must achieve a high standard of excellence in several areas—land use, design, construction, economics, sustainability, environmental sensitivity, etc.

3. The project must demonstrate relevance to the current and future needs, issues and character of the community in which it is located

4. Demonstrates a collaborative relationship such as public/private partnership.

5. The project must be worthy of emulation and stand out from others.


*Development projects may be located in Davidson County or any contiguous county.
*ULI Nashville Awards program/submission is open to all; not just to ULI members.
*Previously submitted projects may re-apply one additional time.
*Project Size category must be indicated.
*Sector must be indicated ex. Private OR Public /Non-Profit /Institutional Project.