Gear Up 2020

Gear Up 2020

FUNDING DETAILS ADDENDUM Added – Gear Up 2020 Report: A Set of Fast Actions for Metropolitan Nashville’s Public Space, Infrastructure and Mobility Systems

Gear Up 2020, a joint project of ULI Nashville, consultant Gabe Klein and Metropolitan Government of Nashville, is a prioritized and systematic comprehensive Infrastructure Strategy that explores opportunities for synergies, partnerships, ROI/savings, and more. This Report outlines the process, participants, mission and detailed recommendations for an efficiently functioning infrastructure system for Metro Nashville.

Now posted is the UPDATED ADDENDUM in the Report, featuring additional valuable funding information listed in the Addendum.

Metro Channel 3! – Gabe Klein’s presentation of Gear Up 2020 Recommendations are now available on Metro Channel 3 here. It may also be found under the Mayor’s Office Playlist on the Metro Government Nashville YouTube page.

NPR Story on Nashville’s Need for Own Transportation

NPR cover story- read and listen!

Watch the story from Channel 5!

Please take note of the substantial Transportation-related Recommendations in the report! These were not covered in detail at the presentation.

Stay Tuned – There will be opportunities for action on these recommendations by the public, private and non-profit sectors to achieve optimal realization of ‘building a best Nashville.’

Note: Gear Up 2020 is a consultant’s report of recommendations: This report does not represent an adopted or officially approved strategy by Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County

GEAR UP 2020 REPORTAddendum Updated 8.8.16
*PLEASE NOTE THE UNDERLINED HYPERLINKS THROUGHOUT THE REPORT. Those links will take you to supporting information.

In addition to gratitude to consultant Gabe Klein, ULI Nashville would like to express sincere appreciation to Mayor Megan Barry, Debby Dale Mason, Mark Sturtevant and Mary Beth Ikard from the Mayor’s Office of Infrastructure, Transportation and Sustainability and Doug Sloan, Director of the Metro Department of Planning and Planning Department. Thanks also to numerous Planning Staff and other staff at The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, including those interviewed as part of the work for this Gear Up 2020 report. Those interviewed are listed in Addendum IV. ULI Nashville also appreciated the contributions of the ULI Nashville Transportation Action Council members listed in Addendum V.

The Gear Up 2020 report depended on the generous work and expertise of the ULI members of the ULI Nashville Gear Up 2020 Committee. The Committee is listed on page 3. Thank you to these engaged ULI Nashville members for their participation and support.

Finally, sincere appreciation to Kim Hawkins (Principal, Hawkins Partners Inc.), Gear Up 2020 Chairperson. Kim’s leadership, commitment, and donation of hard work and time were instrumental to the success of Gear Up 2020. Thanks also to HPI for its administrative and graphics support.