Face-to-Face: Making Change to Racism and Real Estate
A Virtual Series for Learning and Listening
Friday, September 18th
11:00 am – 12:15 pm
Session Topic: A New Paradigm of Community Engagement  
Discussion Materials Announced: 
An important goal of an effective development process is to have informed, productive exchange between parties. By focusing on improvements in community outreach, exploring the timing, content and participants in conversations may prove meaningful to reaching more positive solutions. Building better outreach relationships and processes may help curb some of the tension that accompanies rapid change within a city and help avoid unexpected results.  

This Face-to-Face session will explore the following Community Engagement Process kinds of questions: What does it mean to engage a community and why is it necessary when bringing change to a neighborhood?  How does changing the 'when, how, who and where' of neighborhood engagement create a more successful outcome for everyone? When should community engagement take place in a development project process? Is there value in community outreach not tied to a development project?
Series Description: 
Decades of institutionalized actions and policy have resulted in racial discrimination and inequality. We find ourselves at a moment in time for new opportunities to learn, to listen, and to engage. To build a Best Nashville, we first must build trust and understanding, create new communities, and learn about inclusion, equity, and discrimination in real estate and around our city.
Late January, ULI Nashville and its program partners held, "A Fishbowl Conversation” to begin important conversations among a diverse group of voices on gentrification, racism, and the history of racism in real estate and its consequences.
The Face-to-Face (F2F) Series, virtual monthly hour discussions to learn and listen, continues to open barriers to communication and understanding which began at that "Fishbowl." F2F is designed as a process: Early action steps will be to successfully establish trust and honest conversation among new communities. The goal of the series will be to ultimately develop more overt action items to make change. Each Face-to-Face small discussion group will be guided by a peer facilitator. Thought-provoking materials, including podcasts, articles, videos, and other resources, will frame the discussion for each monthly session.
Everyone who works in the use of land and cares about a healthier, safer, wiser, fairer, and more connected Nashville should consider participating in these discussions…one foot in front of the other…and Face to Face!
Program Partners:
Face-to-Face is a collaborative endeavor between Urban Housing Solutions, the NOAH Affordable Housing Task Force, and ULI Nashville including guidance from ULI Nashville Pathways to Inclusion leadership.
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