Go Green

More than 40% of America’s carbon emissions come from heating, cooling, lighting and operating buildings. Nashville’s urban neighborhoods are characterized by unique, historic homes and thus that percentage is even higher.

Go Green

GO GREEN NASHVILLE is an initiative to reduce Nashville’s energy consumption by 5%. Homeowners and businesses in Nashville’s urban neighborhoods are encouraged to undergo an NES In-Home Energy Evaluation to decrease their power usage and to save money.

“Go Green” Nashville started as a small pilot initiative by the ULI Nashville Sustainability Committee, targeting an urban neighborhood within the city, and has now taken off. ‘The program has mushroomed to other districts in Nashville and has become incredibly popular,’ says Owens. ‘The response from homeowners is nothing short of phenomenal.’ “

Under the dynamic leadership of ULI Nashville Sustainability Chairman, Mark Deutschmann (Village Real Estate Services/Core Development Services), Go Green has engaged a diversity of partners and participants. What began as a single council district, grass-roots initiative on ‘Retrofit for Energy Efficiency’ has grown to engage districts across the Metro, the Mayor’s Office, and a broad team of volunteers and partners. The long-range impact on our carbon footprint from increased energy efficiency and decreased energy usage is exciting, and the campaign, which continues to evolve, is a showcase for similar opportunities across our region.


  • Energy Efficiency: ULI Wants Your Opinion
    How do real estate professionals view energy efficiency investments in buildings? ULI’s CLUE Initiative seeks to answer this question and others in its annual global survey of executives and building owners who make energy management and investment decisions in commercial and public sector buildings. Share your insights and take the online survey today. The survey closes on April 5, 2013.
  • The Go Green campaign was featured in Urban Land Online, the online publication for Urban Land Institute (ULI). The article, titled “Go Green Nashville: A Tremendous Success” details the development of the program, the partnerships formed, and the progress the program has made. Please be sure to read the article learn about Go Green’s accomplishments.
  • Go Green expands to Chestnut Hill and North Nashville, engaging Habitat for Humanity, Vanderbilt, and more partners. Read more.
  • $789031 HUD Grant Awarded to TSU for “Go Green North Nashville Read more.
  • ULI Nashville, Village Real Estate Services, and Nashville Electric Service (NES) are working with Metro Councilwoman Kristine LaLonde to help homes and businesses in her 18th council district become more energy efficient through ‘Go Green District 18.’ ‘Go Green’ encourages homeowners and businesses to sign up for a NES In-Home Energy Evaluation, to help reduce power usage. There will be many opportunities for ULI members to be involved in this Community Outreach effort to improve the environment.
  • Future Nashville green growth will be driven by transit, Nashville Post, March 8, 2012