Creative Class Economy

In an effort to find a more relevant approach to urban place making, Urban Magnets is a unique proposition intended to foster a more prosperous, people-centered, and authentic urbanism.

Grandville Island, Vancouver to the left.

Creative Class Economy

The April program on Urban Magnets and new urban infill development characteristics was popular, in deed! The program featuring keynote speaker, Alan Boniface, and the panel of local land use leaders (Rick Bernhardt, Terry Cobb, Gary Gaston, Bret MacFadyen) can be seen in full at the right.

Video Compliments of Gresham, Smith & Partners, Village Real Estate Service’s Community Fund, and UJI Films. Thank you!

Making Creative Spaces/Creative ‘Making’ in Urban Places’…a home in an Urban Magnet!

The Re-imagined Alley for place-making and manufacturing and commercial uses.