Affordable + Sustainable + Mixed-Use 

Passive House design is becoming an increasingly common strategy in multi-family housing as it can reduce net energy use of buildings by 60-80% while also providing a healthy interior environment that improves the wellness of occupants. Passive House is a performance-based standard (rather than a prescriptive standard like LEED or Enterprise Green Communities) which allows the design team flexibility during the architectural process to respond to various program requirements, client expectations, and construction budgets. Read more about the Passive House Concepts HERE.
This Power Hour will explore the PH standard’s adaptability by comparing 4 of recent projects as case studies: The House at Cornell Tech graduate student housing, Sendero Verde affordable housing and mixed-use project, Winthrop Square mixed-use commercial office, and University of Toronto Scarborough undergraduate student housing and dining hall. Read more about these case studies HERE.

Featured Speakers: Handel Architects

Ryan Lobello
Senior Associate 
Project Architect