POSTPONED - ULI Nashville: A Power Hour Series Installment - The Future of Wood: The Power of Mass Timber Framing


Friday, January 31st, 2020
8:15am - 9:15am CST


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This event has been postponed
The new ULI Nashville program series, Power Hour, is a ‘no frills’ hour of content on issues and opportunities facing members. This January Power Hour is...
 The Future of Wood: The Power of Mass Timber Framing
 Is Mass Timber the future of framing?
‘Until recently, mid-rise buildings had to be constructed of steel or reinforced concrete, both of which require about 80 percent more energy to produce and represent about 200 percent more greenhouse gas emissions than cross-laminated timber (CLT) also called mass timber, a new engineered wood product.’
Although still far from mainstream, mass timber is emerging as a more sustainable alternative for constructing mid rise buildings. An engineered product made from mature fir trees, mass timber buildings can have a carbon-negative impact on the environment and express an especially attractive aesthetic.
Additionally, the speed and cost-efficiency with which mass-timber buildings can be delivered to market, attractive to developers, is also appealing to banks, ‘which have shown a willingness to lend because it holds your construction loan for a shorter period of time, [and] you get to occupancy faster,’ said Jeff Spiritos, principal, Spiritos Properties. “Building [with] stick-frame construction, concrete, steel, with all those works, parts, and pieces, are a bigger insurance risk than mass timber is.”
However, US building codes (vs. Canada and Europe) largely have not caught up with mass timber as a framing option; although its beginning to make a presence in more progressive cities such as Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, and even now in Nashville.

In this session, we will discuss the product, process to use, challenges, opportunities, and leading development stories that build the case for the ‘power’ of wood and the future of mass timber.
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Venue: ESa
       1033 Demonbreun St.,  Ste. 800  
Nashville 37203
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ESa 1033 Demonbreun ST Ste 800 Nashville, TN 37203-4461 UNITED STATES

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