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About Us

ULI is a ‘trusted idea place.’ It provides leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.

About Us

The Urban Land Institute provides leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.ULI is an independent global nonprofit research and education organization supported by its almost 40,000 members worldwide. ULI members represent the entire spectrum of real estate development and land use disciplines working in private enterprise and public service.

A multidisciplinary real estate forum, ULI facilitates an open exchange of ideas, information, and experience among industry leaders and policy makers dedicated to creating better places.

ULI Nashville is the Nashville area local District

Who We Are and What We Do

Our Mission Statement

Urban Land Institute (ULI) Nashville District Council

• Provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and education between leaders on best practices in land use and development in middle Tennessee

• Facilitates collaboration among industry leaders, policy makers, educators and organizations to help create better places within our communities

• Is a trusted advisor providing information and expertise about land use, development, infrastructure, housing, healthy practices, connectivity, capital, active transportation, and more

• Hosts a wide variety of timely and relevant programs such as networking socials, member-only Luncheon Roundtables, project tours, issue workshops, ULI Roadshows on Emerging Trends in Real Estate and on Infrastructure, and the ULI Nashville Excellence in Development Awards

• As ULI ‘at-the-local-level’, is a conduit for ULI Member Benefits such as access to ULI case studies, ULI webinars, discounts on ULI publications, and the Urban Land magazine

• Engages a diverse membership that includes urban planners, architects, engineers, financial institutions, developers, Realtors®, public officials, academicians and attorneys

• Offers a variety of perspectives to discussions, collaborations and reports on important land-use and community development issues

• Gives members with special interests and expertise opportunities with member-only Action Councils

• Supports a Young Leaders Group through mentorship, education and networking

• Achieved accreditation in spring 2008 and has over 500 members

Just some of the programs, events and activities ULI Nashville and its members can be involved in:

Monthly Programs: A diverse calendar of programming to reflect the multidisciplinary character of our members and what they find of value. Some programs are for members-only, others are open to our broader community of supporters. Some are limited in size and scope, others host hundreds of guests. ULI Nashville offers content on specific development/land use projects (including site tours), current local real estate issues, national expert keynotes, and ULI-provided Issue ‘Roadshows’. All of these educational offerings include a much-valued networking opportunity.

Issues and Initiatives, such as:

  • Urban Magnets
  • Ensuring a Fiscally Sustainable Future: Increasing Opportunities for Quality Infill and Urban Redevelopment
  • Parking
  • Capital Markets
  • Infrastructure
  • Real Estate Trends
  • Building Healthy Places Initiative
  • Excellence in Development Awards
  • Host of the ULI Gerald Hines Design Competition
  • Trails and Connectivity

ULI Priorities

• Creating Resilient Communities;
• Understanding Demand and Market Forces;
• Connecting Capital and the Built Environment through Value;
• Promoting Intelligent Densification and Urbanization, and;
• Integrating Energy, Resources, and Uses Sustainably.

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